Code Conduct


esLibre believes in a community open to everyone. As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all regardless of gender, gender, sexual orientation, specific abilities/needs, ethnicity or place of birth, religion (even preferred operating system or programming language and text editor!)

We are looking for people who want to talk about free culture with empathy.

This code of conduct aims to show our willingness to create a safe and relaxed environment at the event, committing participants, volunteers and speakers to be responsible and respectful.

Open Source Citizenship

An additional goal of this code of conduct is to increase open source citizenship by encouraging participants to recognize and strengthen the relationships between what we do and the wider community.

En el servicio de este objetivo, los organizadores de esLibre recogerán candidaturas de personas ejemplares a lo largo de todo el evento y reconocerán selectos participantes después de la conferencia en el sitio web.

In service of this goal, esLibre organizers will collect nominations from exemplary individuals throughout the event and will recognize select participants after the conference on the website.

You can nominate someone by informing any member of the organization about it throughout the congress.

Thank you for…

Please report if you witness the following behaviors:

The event reserves the right to expand this list in order to protect the people who participate and attend the congress.

The esLibre organization takes this issue very seriously, and will take the following steps if necessary:

What to do if you witness or are the object of unacceptable behavior?

If you are involved in unacceptable behavior, you witness another person with this behavior or have other concerns, please report it to organize the event as soon as possible.

In virtual editions, there will be people identified as part of the administration in each room, you can comment any problems directly. You can also write to us at or communicate any problem to us through the chat that will be enabled during the congress with this same objective. Any complaint that is received will be removed once the conference ends to ensure the safety and anonymity of them.

Remember: The esLibre team will be available to assist anyone participating in the congress as local safety contacts or to offer any kind of assistance to those who experience unacceptable behavior.

Thank you for helping us create a safe environment!

We are confident that the event will go great, but if something happens we will be there to manage it quickly. We want to create an open and healthy community, so we need your help for that: enjoy the event, share and learn; from the organization we will make sure that everyone feels comfortable.

Contact information

If you feel the need to contact us, remember through which you can contact us at any time:

License and Attribution

The event conduct code can be found at and it is an adaptation according to our criteria and needs of the impressive work of the Open Source Bridge. The original is available at and is released under a license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0).